Engoneerig services for the biotechnology and biochemical industries

Biotechnology & Biochemical

In recent years Jesmond Engineering has seen growth in opportunities for working in biotechnology, biochemical and circular economy markets. Engineering design can play a crucial role in helping to develop new products, make improvements to existing products and optimising production processes.

In conjunction with our academic and commercial partners, we have developed innovative solutions for a wide range of applications.

  • Design, development and prototyping of reactors and vessels for various biochemical processes
  • Design, development and prototyping of equipment for continuous sampling and analysis of airborne pathogens
  • Systems and processes for extracting third-generation fuels from vegetable waste and other industrial by-products

Using conventional engineering design methodologies in conjunction with cutting edge software applications, such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling, Jesmond Engineering is able to determine optimum conditions for maximising the yield and efficiency of biochemical processes. The resulting parameters are critical to the design, development and prototyping of such systems.

Jesmond Engineering holds ISO 9001 quality approvals.

Case studies in biotechnology and biochemical

Please review a range of engineering case studies relevant to the biotechnology and biochemical industry.