Engineering services in the automotive industry

Automotive Industry

Jesmond Engineering has a long and proven track record in tackling engineering challenges. In the automotive industry engineering design plays a critical role. Increasing demands for fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact, combined with the pursuit of improvements in comfort, reliability and handling create a requirement for the continual analysis and optimisation of systems and components. In addition, advancing technology introduces the potential for using new materials and techniques in manufacturing. All of this while meeting strict safety standards, regulatory requirements and of course budgetary constraints. 

Our team is well versed in structural analysis methodologies for both metallic and carbon/glass fibre composite structures. We can offer expertise in the design, development and testing of systems and components. This can bring wide ranging benefits in efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness to name but a few.

Jesmond Engineering is equipped to provide conventional structural analysis (static strength, fatigue life, damage tolerance, dynamics, vibration, shock, impact) as well as using sophisticated and complex software systems for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling and discrete element modelling (DEM). Our engineers can either work individually on discrete projects, as part of a larger team or partnership, or even seconded to a customer facility to work inhouse.