J-Track – Fleet Tracking (Fleet Management) Software

It is in an aircraft operator’s interest to ensure that an aircraft fleet remains safely operational for as long as possible. It is therefore critical to know how much of the fatigue life of each aircraft has been consumed, so that aircraft can be retired at the optimum time.

Individual aircraft within the fleet may perform different roles and accumulate fatigue damage at different rates. For this reason the roles of each aircraft in the fleet are normally continually managed such that overall, each aircraft accrues a similar amount of fatigue damage.

Jesmond Engineering developed the J-Track fleet management software to calculate the fatigue damage accrued by each aircraft, by analysing measured flight data in combined with the relevant fatigue test information.

J-Track was originally a software project commissioned by one of our customers.

Similar software to J-Track can be supplied with suitable tailoring to a customer’s needs.

If you would like further information about the development of custom fleet tracking or fleet management software—or any other bespoke engineering software development—then please get in touch.