Aircraft fleet management software

Engineering Software

We develop software for any engineering purpose (tailored to your individual requirements). Please contact us for details.

Examples of some of the software developed by Jesmond Engineering are:


J-Neub is software developed in-house to calculate fatigue life to crack initiation using Local Strain Analysis (Neuber) methodology. Click for more information on Local Strain Based Fatigue Crack Initiation Analysis software. This software is available for purchase.


J-Rain is software developed in-house to perform Rainflow analysis. Click for more information on Rainflow Counting Software. This software is available as a free download.


J-Track is an aircraft fleet management tool developed by Jesmond Engineering on behalf of a customer. Click for more information about fleet tracking software or bespoke software development.

Jesmond Engineering is also a supplier of Concept Analyst  – a tool for conducting Boundary Element analysis.

Concept Analyst

Boundary Element Analysis (BEM, BEA). Click for more information about Concept Analyst Boundary Element analysis software.