aircraft component structural analysis

Fatigue & Damage Tolerance

Jesmond Engineering has extensive experience in Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis. Our staff have been involved in this field since 1987. We hold EASA signature for Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis Approval as well as holding Client-Specific Approvals.

Examples of our specialisms include:

Fatigue Analysis

The fatigue analyses we perform are either stress-based (s-N) or strain-based (e-N).
We perform fatigue analyses for our clients using the software they require. This can typically be either: client-supplied, in-house or commercial.

Our in-house J-Neub software predicts life to crack initiation using Neuber’s rule (a strain-based technique). Some of our customers are using our J-Neub software for analysis and design of their aircraft structure.

Fracture Mechanics Analysis

We provide analyses using either client-supplied software or commercially available software such as AFGROW or NASGRO.

We also have extensive knowledge of the analysis of short crack thresholds using techniques based on Smith, El-Haddad and Murakami theories.

Fatigue Monitoring / HUMS / Fleet tracking

We have written software for several fleet tracking programs, and we also provide fleet fatigue analyses and reports for our customers.

Full-Scale Fatigue Test Spectrum Generation

We have calculated spectra for several major tests based on a knowledge of measured service loads.

Fatigue Check Stress Analyses

We have experience of performing Check Stress Analyses on entire and partial aircraft structures.

Case studies in Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis

Please review a range of engineering case studies which highlight the practical application of Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis.