Close up of sand particles to illustrate the concept of discrete element modelling as an engineering service

Discrete Element Modelling (DEM)

DEM can be used to simulate the movement of bulk materials and powders that comprise large numbers of solid particles. DEM is sometimes known as Discrete Element Method or Distinct Element Method.

Typical simulations involve the following:

  • Transportation and handling of bulk materials and powders
  • Determination of quality of mixing
  • Heat transfer between particles
  • Combinations of some or all of the above

Various examples of the use of the method are in simulation of bulk handling in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, geological studies in rock mechanics, movement and treatment of crop grains and biomass, movement of waste materials, and transfer of bulk materials in transportation and shipping.

We have experience in DEM for a range of projects across a number of sectors.

Case studies in Discrete Element Modelling

Please review a range of engineering case studies which highlight the practical application of Discrete Element Modelling.