Aircraft structural analysis

About Jesmond Engineering

Jesmond Engineering is a privately-owned, independent engineering design consultancy providing engineering services across a range of safety-critical market sectors and industries. 

Whether working directly with other businesses or as part of research partnership, we help our customers to innovate and improve products and systems.

Jesmond’s team currently comprises around 30 staff and associates, many of them chartered engineers. Work focuses on mechanical engineering and process design across a range of disciplines. This involves detailed design, simulation and optimisation of structures to operate safely and efficiently, without failures due to metal fatigue, vibration, shock or other mechanisms. Alongside mechanical analysis Jesmond carries out simulations of complex fluid, particle and heat transfer flows. Its skills include finite element modelling (FEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), discrete element modelling (DEM) as well as more traditional areas of structural analysis and mechanical engineering design.

The company was formed in 2004, with its core team having significant experience in the aerospace engineering sector. 

Today Jesmond Engineering continues to grow its presence in the aerospace sector whilst also building on its core skills and applying them in other safety-critical applications. It has become known for its work to innovate and explore exciting new opportunities, developing new products and systems in the biotechnology, biochemical and renewable energy spaces as well as in other conventional engineering design and manufacturing industries.

Jesmond Engineering is located in East Yorkshire, UK. Staff are predominantly office based with some remote working and others placed on-site with customers.